In Case You Missed It

Here at On the Regs we spend a lot time reading and often we come across some really good pieces that should be shared. So, to that end, we’re rolling out a new feature called “In Case You Missed It”. To help ease you into the weekend, every Friday we will share some of the best articles, blog posts, and opinion pieces that we come across during week. Think of it as your six pack of weekend reading.

Without further ado …

  1. The future may belong to cyborg, not robo-advisors
  2. The futility of labels OR why FSOC should focus on activities & products not firms
  3. EU Banks told to stop pushing their own funds
  4. What Happened To Country Music?
  5. Hedge funds and the Ted Williams effect
  6. Ghosts in the Machine: AI, Risks & Regulations in Financial Markets