UCITS at a Glance

€8 trillion of assets under management. 86 countries of distribution. Flexible asset class composition. Robust regulatory framework. Take a look at our new infographic to see why UCITS is still the leading cross-border fund product.

UCITS have proven resilient throughout a turbulent economic cycle. While brand recognition has helped grow the markets of distribution, the flexibility of the framework has also been a key part of its success. Since its introduction, policymakers have implemented several key enhancements to help the UCITS framework evolve and adapt to market changes. The regulatory evolution has included: wider investment permissions, strengthened governance, cross-border access, and most recently with UCITS 5, an increase in investor protections.

Undoubtedly the UCITS framework will continue to evolve but for the time being, UCITS 6 is likely to remain on hold. This doesn’t mean there won’t be other regulatory changes that impact UCITS. One interesting development worth mentioning is the Capital Markets Union Action Plan on Distribution of Funds that aims to enhance further cross-border fund sales across the EU, which will be beneficial to UCITS.

We hope you do take the time to have a glance and explore the evolution of the UCITS framework.