Asset Management in the Time of Brexit

In order to navigate the new age of Brexit, having a thoughtful and well-articulated plan is a necessity for asset managers.  

Over the last six months, Brexit has been a fairly constant topic here at On The Regs, which is hardly surprising:  given the potential for Brexit to fundamentally alter the asset management landscape in Europe.  Ever since the industry woke up on 24 June to find itself in the Age of Brexit, asset managers have been working to come to terms with what this new reality could mean for their businesses, without any immediate clarity.

To aid in this effort, we’ve produced our latest paper:  Asset Management in the Time of Brexit.  The paper discusses the possible outcomes of the Brexit negotiations and the implications each could have on asset managers.   Despite the uncertainty that surrounds Brexit, it is not too early for managers to consider their contingency plans.  After all, as the noted Irish philosopher once said: “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.”