New Year. New Regs. New Tool

Introducing BBH’s new interactive Regulatory Prioritization Matrix Tool

In a constantly evolving environment, it’s hard to keep up with global regulatory requirements. That’s why we’ve launched the online Regulatory Prioritization Matrix–an interactive tool designed to help you identify regulations requiring closer inspection and position yourself for impending regulatory changes.

As well as providing a snapshot of the potential impact of global regulations and their timeline to implementation, you can explore the content most relevant to you using the following features:

  • Regulation Overview – Brief summary of each regulation with expandable content that provides further detail and related BBH thought leadership
  • Filter Functionality – Allows users to view regulations in the development, rulemaking or implementation stages
  • Real-Time Updates – Frequent updates to reflect the latest regulatory developments

You’re welcome to explore the matrix and learn more about the regulations that will impact the industry.

Be sure to check back often as it will be updated frequently to reflect the latest twist and turns in the regulatory world..