ICYMI: Trump, Euro Clearing, Tackling Invasive Species & More

A round up of the best things we read this month.

  1. That Thing About EUR Derivative Clearing and the ECB
  2. A Short History of Long Bonds
  3. Get Rich. Save the World. Gut Fish
  4. What Does Trump’s Hiring Mean For FinReg?
  5. How to get More Women and Girls Interested and Involved in Investment Management
  6. SEC Blesses Negotiable Mutual-Fund Fees (a DoL Fiduciary Rule Story)
  7. Newfangled FinTech Meets Oldfangled FinReg
  8. ESMA on Commodity Derivatives: Taking Stock
  9. How FinReg Has Fundamentally Changed Over the Last Eight Years
  10. The Second World War. My National Story