Quarterly Update: Q2 2018

We highlight what to expect this quarter and recap Q1 2018’s key regulatory developments.

FinReg’s Q2 Game Changers:

  1. The countdown is on! Despite the promise of a transitional grace period, firms are racing against the clock to futureproof themselves for a post-Brexit marketplace.
  2. The book is not closed on mega-regulation MiFID 2. We expect regulators to revisit some aspects that were delayed from the initial implementation.
  3. GDPR sets a high bar with its aim to enhance and harmonize data protection laws when it takes effect in May.
  4. Asset managers continue to try and hit a moving target, working toward the latest implementation date for the SEC Liquidity Rule.

What We Learned from Q1: 

  1. A Brexit transition grace period for the UK has been agreed, but much work remains ahead of the break. In February, the European Commission provided a glimpse into potential consequences from the EU/UK breakup.
  2. PRIIPs implementation has not gone smoothly – but may provide a growing opportunity for US ETF managers.
  3. US regulators testified that the current cryptocurrency regulatory regime was incomplete and requested a new framework to govern cryptocurrency.
  4. In March, a US federal appeals court dealt what may ultimately be the knockout blow to the DoL Fiduciary Rule.

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