What FinReg Has in Store for Q2 2020

We highlight what to expect this spring and recap Q1’s key regulatory developments.

FinReg’s Q2 Game Changers:

What else happened in Q1: 

  • Crypto gained steam. The global policy debate is intensifying, with some regulators slowly cracking the door to the potential uses of digital money.
  • Cayman made moves. The Cayman Islands recently introduced new legislation which aims to solidify the country as a leading domicile to investments funds.
  • The EU leads the ESG pack. The EU stands as an emblem of environmental action with the passing of its trillion dollar “Green Deal.” The question remains: will other regions follow the EU’s example?
  • Brexit debates took a breather. Remember Brexit? In late January, the UK left the EU heralding the finale to a seemingly endless debate. Hold that thought – for the next nine months the UK will follow EU rules until the official transition ends in January of next year.
  • Fund liquidity was top of mind. Fund liquidity again took center stage thanks to a number of high-profile fund suspensions last year. With COVID-19 spurring market volatility, this is an area of focus that isn’t going away anytime soon.

Top On The Regs Posts of Q1: