About BBH’s On The Regs

“Harness the Power and Potential of Market Change”

In an increasingly globalized and evolving market place, asset management regulations have reached new heights of complexity and extra-territorial applicability. On The Regs seeks to offer asset managers and investors insights and thought leadership on the evolving regulatory and market trends. The team draws on global and diverse subject matter expertise to help our clients navigate regulatory challenges, as well as harness the opportunities they create.

Meet the Team

Adrian Whelan / Senior Vice President of Regulatory Intelligence
John Siena / Assistant General Counsel
Melissa McDonough / Fund Administration Technical Leader    

About Brown Brothers Harriman and BBH Regulatory Intelligence

Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH) is a privately held financial institution that has been a thought leader and solutions provider for more than 200 years. Through our Investor Services, Investment Management, and Private Banking businesses, we serve a select number of clients seeking a highly engaged and focused partner to give them a competitive edge. We work with clients on what matters most to help differentiate their businesses and achieve their growth objectives.

BBH’s Regulatory Intelligence is responsible for identifying, analyzing, and articulating the potential impact of major regulatory developments. The goal of the Regulatory Intelligence Team is to ensure that clients are informed of regulatory developments so that we can help them to anticipate and manage these changes appropriately.